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Please share suggestions, feedback, questions about our upcoming event on June 14-17, 2012.

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Here is some feedback from people who have attended previous Elicia Calhoun seminars.

"I always learn with Elicia... new handling skills, new games to play to strengthen skills for agility, and most importantly, staying connected to my doggie partner.
2 years ago, when she taught "Push to Win" for BIA, she introduced skills and exercises for walking and analyzing the course. Using these, to this day, has changed everything for me. I have not got lost on course since, I am confident in where I need to give my dog information, and my being confident helps my dog be confident (most important :)).
I believe everyone should experience and learn what Elicia has to offer. We are very fortunate to have such a gifted instructor visit our island!" ----- Micki Forbes

The long and short of it is: if Miss Elicia is available and you have never experienced her, you need to have the experience. She is a great instructor and shows you things you can do that you thought were just not possible for you or your dog mate. She is up to speed on all the new techniques and has an incredible knowledge of the sport of dog agility. She is very entertaining and can help the agility team with just about any situation you may have. Miss Elicia is a MUST SEE opportunity. Take advantage while you have the chance. ----- Miss jan

"I have had the privilege to attended two seminar series with Elicia Calhoun and I have benefited greatly by her teachings and instructions. Her seminars introduced me to techniques that I continue to practice and incorporate into my handling." ----- Jeanne Peardon

Elicia is a very engaging instructor. very funny and gets right to the point. you will laugh and have fun, and your dog will go holy shit mom, where did you learn that ??? ----- Sylvia

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Here's a link to a short video of Strider and me at the last Elicia Calhoun seminar I attended. This was from the all day "Technical International Crosses" session.

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