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I was trying to add an event to the calendar (August 12 small dog fun run in Papa'ikou but clicking on add an event does not seem to do anything.


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It should bring up an overlay (the background should turn dark and an entry screen should open.  I just tested it and it worked for me.  (The Add an Event under Calendar actions is the button you used right?)  Have you tried again?  What browser are you using?  Sometimes it takes a while for the overlay to appear and sometimes it's fast.  Check to see if your browser is currently busy bringing up the overlay .. it should show that it's busy and there should be some kind of progress bar visible.

Let me know how it goes :)


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Hi Jerry,

    I reproduced the problem with a firefox browser.  The website overlays don't work properly on all browsers :(  I've changed the "Add an Event" link to not use overlays.  I've also kept the old link and added (overlay) to the description so the old interface is available to those who like it. 



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