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It might be nice if the calendar positings said where the events were being held.

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The idea is for the host club/organization to flush out details in the description, and there's assumptions that people already know where clubs usually host events :)  I'll look into adding a location field to the event form.

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Thinking on Web Albums .. 

  • Do we want to store photos on this site allowing users to add photos to albums?  This will use up our site storage space and require some work to set up.
  • Another option is to use a web photo sharing solution like Flickr or Picassa.  If we create Kukini albums on one of these sites, we can easily create albums to display these photos on our website.  This would use no storage space on our website and should be easy to create and integrate. 
  • People can upload individual photos to go with a blog post, these are already stored on our site, I think we need better control over size and display though.

Does anyone have any thoughts?  What photo options would you like?


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Do you like having a food vendor at Agility events?
Yes, I might buy a snack or drink
Yes, I prefer not to have to bring lunch.
No, I'd rather not spend more money on food.
No, I'd rather prepare my own food/snacks.
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