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Happy New Year!!
I’ve been taking some time to think about what worked and didn’t work in the changes introduced to my classed for 2013.  Here’s what’s new in 2014 (keep the feedback coming):
  • In addition to regularly scheduled group classes, I’ll be offering a “Play Day” every 4-5 weekends.  These will be a cross between a fun match, an agility class and a social gathering.  This is a chance for everybody to try their skills on courses with both instructive feedback and some cheering and moral encouragement :)  Topics will vary from standard courses to games and races.   I hope that this offers an occasional training option for those who may be too busy to come to regular classes, but would like the more informal and social gathering of a mini funmatch as well as providing a change in pace from weekly classes.
  • I’ve expanded the classes to include Foundation, Beginner and Advanced group classes.
  • Practice times will continue to be available on Sundays and Thursdays.  Even though this offering has been under-utilized .. This is a unique opportunity in the area to have open practice time on equipment .. which is something I always wanted when I was first training.  There will be a set price of $5 drop in per person.  There will be a fixed number of spaces (in case it ever becomes popular) and sign up will also be online in advance.  If nobody has booked a practice time at least 2 hours in advance, the practice will be cancelled and the facility will not be open.
  • There is a new online booking system.  No account is needed to sign up for classes, however, you will need to click on a link emailed to you to confirm your bookings.  

All class dates, times as well as practice times can be found on the new booking site here:


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