Agility Practice Time

I'm working on setting up a regular weekly schedule of open practice time at the Moutain View facility.  I'm considering weekday as well as weekend times.  This survey is to gather info about what people would prefer before I establish the schedule, fee structure etc.  I'm planning to offer this practice at a reduced cost for Kukini members.

Please enter your name .. just in case you aren't logged in. The results of this survey are private and not visible to other users.
Open practice time includes access to all equipment in the covered 4000 sq ft building. Equipment can be rearranged, different sequences/challenges set up. If equipment is moved outside to the grass ring, it must be returned to cover.
Select all time slots that you think might work for you. Feel free to recommend others in the comments section below.
Practice dues will be higher if paid on a per attendance basis (drop-in fees) or lower if paying a set price for access to all practice times for the given time period. Select the options that you might be interested in. We expect to offer 3-5 time slots per week, depending on interest level.
Please add any comments or suggestions here.

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Do you like having a food vendor at Agility events?
Yes, I might buy a snack or drink
Yes, I prefer not to have to bring lunch.
No, I'd rather not spend more money on food.
No, I'd rather prepare my own food/snacks.
Total votes: 16