Elicia Calhoun Accident, Tobie found safely.

I have some really bad news about Elicia. She was in a serious traffic accident with her dogs this morning.  Elicia was taken to the hospital.  One of her dogs died, two more are injured and two are missing in the desert. Elicia has a punctured lung and checked herself out of the hospital to go look for her dogs.  That's the last news I've heard.  There's current news being updated on Elicia's facebook page.  There's also a Facebook group created to help the Az agility community help find the 2 missing dogs:


Update!  Tobie has been found safely.
The updated news story can be found here:
To send money to Elicia, here is a fundraising website:
The latest news is that Elicia's dogs are all checked out at the vet and Elicia is heading back to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.
We will continue with the Funmatch and AGM on Sunday.  
We are planning something special to raise money for Elicia and in memory of the two dogs she lost yesterday as well as in celebration of Tobie's safe recovery.  Details will be forthcoming shortly.
We are all feeling deep sorrow for Elicia's profound loss and pain.  Hug your dogs and be grateful every moment that they are with you, safe and loved.
With a heavy heart,
Angelic Ebbers
Kukini Dog Agility Club

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